The YELL “Handbook” is ready. It is targeted at multipliers in non-formal education and formal education, providers of cultural, social and sport activities for young people.

It provides teachers, trainers and relevant stakeholders’ insight on how to implement best practices on raising awareness about cultural diversity and motivation of young people to learn foreign languages. It is designed as a user-friendly manual. Trainers, teachers, tutors are able to introduce new teaching methods and materials into their respective language course and to develop awareness and raise these skills among their clients.

The “Handbook” is also directed at experts working for education policy and it will increase their readiness to promote such measures. The tools are designed for all education and vocational qualification institutions and for the trainers. This collection of materials and methods can be used because of their modular structure, for a wide variety of measures and interactions. It has been translated in all languages of the consortium (see below, other language versions will follow).

Cover - English

Cover - Italian

Cover - German

Cover - Bulgarian

Cover - Norwegian

Cover - Latvia