About the project

"The best education is the one you don't even notice" ("La meilleure education est celle dont on ne s'aperçoit pas") - Quote from the French writer André Malraux (1901-76).

"Young Europeans Love Languages" is a network of European partners whose aim is to promote language learning as a key skill of lifelong learning.

We believe that fun, attractive, and unconventional forms of language learning should be incorporated not only in formal education but also in other non-formal/informal contexts and leisure activities.

Our network plans to identify a number of tools to raise awareness and to demonstrate the importance of language learning which will help to increase the effectiveness of language teaching.

Our aims are:

  • to find previous projects where innovative and useful language tools have been developed but not sustained and, where possible, revive and adapt them for use with young people in non-formal and informal environments
  • to make the process of learning meaningful and fun e.g. language learning as an aspect of sport, social and cultural activities
  • to create a toolbox containing language learning tools which have been adapted to be integrated in other social, cultural and sporting activities for young people.

The Young European Love Languages 2 project has its own website.

The VHS Cham held the Kick off Meeting for the YELL2 Project with project partners from Germany, Turkey and the United Kingdom. YELL2 is a KA 2 Project (Accompanying Measures) running from November 2012 to October 2013.

A movie presenting the results of the YELL project can be viewed here (for now with German subtitles - might take a few seconds to download)!

Open day for teachers, trainers and stakeholders at VHS Cham