Thematic seminars

Vienna, 06-07-2009

On 6 July 2009, the first YELL thematic seminar took place in Vienna.
Representatives from the partners' institutions (15 persons + external evaluator) and invited associated partners (8 persons) took part in the seminar, representing formal education, governmental institutions and associations of training institutions.
All project partners presented examples of best practices collected in WP 2.

Presentations: click here

The presented best practises focused on different subjects e.g. sport, theatre, food, ICT.
The partners presented as best practices not only concrete tools but also concepts or methodologies.

The second part of the thematic seminar was a workshop conducted in three groups. All three groups focused on the concept of raising awareness and motivation to learn foreign languages.
The main topic of the workshop was: "How to prepare initiatives for language learning". 
Each group had the same case study focusing on two aspects:

  • integration of newcomers into society
  • improving language learning / teaching

The workshop gave the opportunity to discuss about the best ways or solutions for raising awareness of other cultures and languages and to motivate potential learners to learn foreign language.

The third, final part of the thematic seminar was an activity in the city. This activity was also an example of best practice in providing language learning opportunities outside the classroom. For more information and pictures, see the news section and the first newsletter.

The following institutions took part in the activities and contributed to the activities of the YELL network:

  • Department of Education, Flemish government from Belgium
  • National Centre European Youth Programs and Initiatives from Bulgaria
  • Department of Languages Learning, BVV (association of adult education centers in Bavaria) from Germany
  • Grobina Gymnasium from Latvia,
  • Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen from Netherlands
  • Language Teaching Association from Norway
  • Regional Language Network Yorkshire & Humber from United Kingdom


Stavanger, 27-05-2010

The 2nd thematic seminar in Stavanger (Norway), held in May 2010, focused on finding further solutions and presentations of resources available through the project, as well as demonstrating how education providers, teachers and trainers can raise motivation among young people to learn foreign languages. Finally, some examples were presented showing how attractive, fun and unconventional forms of language learning could be incorporated not only in formal but also in non-formal and informal education.

Download some of the presentations here:

YELL results

Learning Dutch for migrant children

Testing good practises in the UK

The seminar was attended by project partners and various education providers, teachers and trainers invited by the network:

  • Regional Languages Network from United Kingdom
  • De Horizon/Vrije Universiteit Brussel from Belgium
  • Office for Youth and Family CITY HALL Cham from Germany
  • The Norwegan Rogaland School from Norway
  • "Sauja" non-governmental organization from Latvia


Final Seminar of YELL Project, 27-10-2011


The final meeting took place in Bologna, Italy, on October 27, 2011. In the meeting there participated all partners with their associated partners and multipliers from the countries which are not represented in the project such as Czech Republic, Cyprus, Hungary, Island, Poland, Macedonia and Turkey. The members of the conference represented various organisations such as NGOs, educational institutions of both formal and non-formal education, stakeholders and policy makers of language learning.

In the seminar the achievements and results of the project were presented. Good practices and examples in language learning, Virtual Documentation Centre (VDC) were shared among all participants. All presentations focused on the main topic: how to motivate young learners to learn foreign languages and how to combine various fields such as culture, sport, entertainment, cooking with language learning.

Besides, the regional representatives of the Emilia Romagna region gave an input to the topic of adult/vocational education and integration of migrants in the region. All the presentations and pictures of the final seminar are available on this project website .

The seminar made the representatives think about the situation of language learning and teaching in Europe. Moreover, it gave the participants lots of positive emotions and inspiration for the future work.

You can view the presentations here:

Ester Scholten - Motivating learners

Emilio Porcaro - Teaching Italian as L2 for immigrants

Bev Whiteside - Young Sport Trust

Guy Tilkin - Storytelling festival

Mert Balin - Creative explorers + video

Vintra Puke - Using film